Inside the Store
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Early photo of Ernie at the soda fountain Years later, still 5 cents for an ice cream cone

Howard Barber and unknown customerRuth Miller and her friend Lucille Box
Ruth and her father took over at the store while Ernie was in the Navy

Ruth MillerWho's this behind the soda fountain ?

Ernie in the back officeErnie and Ray Beardsley
Ernie was a great practical joker - see that string hanging from the ceiling ?
He rigged up a big black rubber spider that he would drop down onto the counter near unsuspecting friends.
No matter how many times he did it, it always made them jump !

Table near the WindowMagazine Rack

Whitman's Candy Cooler

Cigars, Double Kay Nut Shop Display, Christmas Cards, Scale

Going Out of Business Sale - PinBall Machine is in the back right corner

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